With natural stones always at the as protagonist, many artists, designers, and architecture firms have become our partners in developing prestigious collections of furnishings, where art and material, masterfully shaped create uniquely beautiful objects.

Below, discover some of the most iconic collections created by Alimonti Milano.



Ritagli, an ongoing project, was conceived by Studiopepe in collaboration with Alimonti Milano, where the aesthetics of design blends with sustainability. Ritagli uses unique pieces of leftovers slabs to create exclusive limited edition items, leveraging the overlap of colors and shapes. These assembled pieces celebrate the formal and chromatic spontaneity of leftovers, enhancing the surprising and unique magnificence of natural stones, combined with a stunning and informal aesthetic.

solid landscape

The origins of the Solid Landscape collection can be traced to a dialogue with Alimonti Milano, ongoing for many years, beginning with the Ritagli project. Solid Landscape revolves around a long-standing pairing which is typical of Made in Italy expertise: marble and stone. These exceptional materials were chosen specifically for their chromatic qualities and for the spectacular quality of their naturally occurring inclusions, here contraposed with Limestone carved from a block, thus highly sculptural in nature. The resulting works are one-of-a-kind furnishings and objects which embody both sculpture and material, crafted with avantgarde techniques.

gennaro avallone

marmoreals collection

The Marmoreals Collection, manufactured by Alimonti Milano and designed by Gennaro Avallone, was born from the meeting of two similar sensibilities: a Company that has been able to express the most unexpected potential of marble and an Ar t ist and Designer who has always stood out for his unconventional observation of materials.

Uni ted by the search for refined textures and the experimentation of artisanal processing that enhances the details, their partnership has created a collection of limited edition sculptures based on the combination of pieces.

Past and Present, Near and Far, Here and Now are the names of the pieces made in Anthracite, Pink Onyx, White Onyx and Ostuni Travertine, allusive of opposites capable of dialoguing with each other.

The sculptures live in a single color or in contrasting combinations between natural stones and bronze casting.
They are a tribute to the material through the sensibility of an artist who knows its secrets.

maurizio bergo

creativity meets material

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